Radio Advertising

For over 32 years J. M. Fox Associates, Inc. has been developing, writing, directing and producing Radio commercial for both retail and professional business. From traditional 60 second spot to a more conventional approach utilizing 30, 15 and 10 second commercials.

Quakertown Farmers Market: Cat Country: We make shopping Fun 
PTK Gallery: KYW1060: A New Atmosphere in your home
PTK Gallery: KYW1060: Falling prices of handmade rugs
Blue Bell Physical Therapy: Why Live in Pain
Blue Bell Physical Therapy: 3 Locations  
PTK Gallery: KYW1060: Falling prices of handmade rugs at PTK Gallery  
Chain Mar Furniture: KYW1060: Less than Thrilled 
TCS Management: 94WIP: Keep it simple and do it right  
Ray's Appliances: KYW1060: GE Your Kitchen    
DK Appliances: LYNK Grills    
Jay Roberts Jewelers: 94WIP: Why JRJ
Chain Mar Furniture: KYW1060: Weekend sale
Ray's Appliances: KYW1060: GE Keurig   
Blue Bell Physical Therapy: Back Pain    
Harold's Oak House: Floor Sample Sale
AR Morris Jewelers: Buying a Diamond   
Croydon Mattress: New Mattress     
Blue Bell Physical Therapy: Shoulder     
309 Office Furniture: Sale
J B Dawson's Restaurant: 94WIP: Generic
Rays Appliances: KYW-Bosch